Centre Ethos

"We are motivated by our Christian Faith" - The YMCA is a Christian organisation. It was established with a Christian mission, and continues to seek to achieve and develop this mission across the world.  For us at Greenhill YMCA, "We seek to show love to all those we serve" - We believe that God loves everyone and therefore in all we do, with all those we serve, we should seek to show love. 

We are pleased so many faith based groups use our facilities. As part of our work we are happy to create settings for groups to explore the spiritual development of young people. Should your group wish include this work in your programme, please let us know prior to your arrival and we will discuss options which might include use of our Prayer hut, bespoke outdoor sessions and group discussions.

We seek to model relationships of trust and acceptance with each other and with our clients/service users. We try not to be overly regimented in terms of how we operate, or what we believe, but allow room for creativity and new ideas to flourish in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

We try to build bridges rather than walls in our behaviour. We make efforts to make others feel welcomed and appreciated. We aim to be accessible to all; regardless of cultural or religious backgrounds, gender, race, sexual orientation, or disability.

We aim to be a place that is trustworthy enough that people feel they can open themselves to challenge, exploration and growth. To this end we endeavour to listen, be non-judgemental, but also having integrity in our interactions - being honest and real. 

At Greenhill YMCA, we aim to foster an atmosphere in which children, young people, parents, staff and volunteers have the space to explore their own faith and spirituality. We are indebted to the local young people who envisioned and built the ‘Prayer Hut’ as an oasis of tranquillity on our activity-filled site