The BIVI Experience

Note from the Director

Parents / Guardians,

This summer at Greenhill YMCA, the Senior Adventure Camp Team and I wish to make the programme an exciting, valuable and educational experience for your child; as the programme designer I am confident this experience will be felt by all. 

Appreciatively, we accept the support you have given our programme thus far - It has benefited us and our mission greatly, and for this we thank-you. Although we greatly appreciate your past support to our work, we continue to rely on your on-going dedication to make our camp successful. On this note, we extend a warm invitation to continue supporting us, particularly with the BIVI, which occurs between Thursday evening and Friday midday.

This year’s Senior Adventure Camp team and I aim to utilise the BIVI as a reflective point marking each young person’s development and learning at the Summer Camp. In order for this to occur effectively, we strive to build a sense of team during the daily programme and a sense of a lived-in community during the BIVI experience where young people eat and camp together as well as share stories and experiences. Needless to say, this can be a very powerful and enlightening experience for all involved, yet a number of prerequisites are required and we would like your support in achieving these.

First, we would ask that your child is aware of the following:

1. Mobile phones and other such electronic items are not necessary for the BIVI (all leaders will be equipped with mobile phones and emergency parent / guardian contact details. Additionally, I can be contacted at 07889057704)

2. In keeping with the values of the YMCA, we encourage young people and staff members to be socially responsible. On the BIVI this will comprise of all campers camping in a ‘leave-no-trace’ manner

3. To advance ownership and promote greater youth participation in the programme, as well as teaching basic survival skills, the young people – in pairs – will be encouraged to build their own camping shelters and to assist in the building of the camp fire

4. Unhealthy, sweetened or junk food products are not welcomed

Secondly, we would ask that your child brings as much of the following equipment as possible:

o   A pair of sturdy shoes or boots

o   Spare fleece or jumper

o   Hat and gloves

o   Water bottle

o   Fruit for a light snack

o   Sleeping bag

o   Carry mat

o   Torch

o   Insect repellent

o   Midge net

o   Rucksack (single strap / sports bags are not practical)

o   Food for dinner

o   £5 for breakfast in Newcastle

If your child is unable to bring all of the above, Greenhill may have the capacity to help.

Greenhill YMCA will supply cooking utensils therefore it is possible for your child to eat a hot meal. The cooking process is educational and it involves all members of the SAC team - it will be requested that your child brings various food items for this communal dinner.  If your child is requested to bring any meat products, please ensure they are cooked first.

Only essential items are permitted on the BIVI - please consider this when packing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 07889057704. Alternatively, you can request to speak with me during daily registration.

Kind Regards,

Conor McGrath

Summer Camp Director