Orienteering is an increasingly popular and healthy sport for all ages which combines various navigation skills to find your way from checkpoint to checkpoint whilst gathering points as you move from control to control. Anybody can do it with a few minutes safety briefing and basic instruction.
For beginners we can introduce you to the basic skills of using a map on a simple course to get you in to the swing of things. When you are confident of your skills you can progress to longer more challenging courses.
Orienteering is best undertaken by splitting a group into small teams or pairs, so cautious participants can be put alongside more confident individuals. The pace and route is then set by you and your instructor will not be far to provide support.
No soggy paper or broken pencil leads at Greenhill YMCA, instead you will be using the latest electronic orienteering swipe equipment.


Duration: 1 Session also offered as a half session

Age: 6+