Laser Tagging


Remember when you were a kid playing hide-and-seek on a warm summer night. Nothing could beat the thrill of sneaking around in the dark trying to tag your friends while they tried to escape. That memory gives you just a glimpse of the thrill you and your group will experience playing Greenhill Outdoor Laser Tag! Time to throw away the controls of the latest space-aged video game and get outdoors. Then picture yourself as one of the characters in the game, tagging opponents with your Phazer, in a forest that makes you feel like you're somewhere in another land.
Greenhill is using the latest state-of-the-art equipment from the United States. Not only can you tag your friends from over 100m day or night, but the Phazer immediately lets you know if you had a successful hit, and records your score.This equipment is designed and missions are set up to encourage team-building and effective group-work and communication skills as opposed to focusing on self.
Greenhill has only started running this activity in 2011 and already groups are loving it, whether birthday parties or personal development courses.


Duration: 1 Session

Age: 6+