Duration: 1 Session

Age: Shallow: 6+ (Deep Bouldering 12+)


Rivers and gorges are fascinating habitats offering unparalleled 
situations for intensive adventure. They are also unique environments illustrating ecosystems of times past. Bouldering is an activity which involves journeying up and through a water worn gorge which naturally generates spontaneous excitement and challenge, providing opportunities for personal, social and environmental awareness to take place.
In terms of personal development, young people develop self reliance, discipline, confidence and awareness, initiative, trust, dependence and Co-operation, decision making and problem solving processes are learned.
This activity reinforces group cohesion, team spirit and group responsibility in addition to enhancing an awareness of the natural environment. We can make use of a variety of gorges and rivers, all within 10 min of our site to ensure we provide an appropriate experience and challenge for the wide range of ages and abilities that enjoy this activity.