Activity Tower Challenges

The Activity Tower Challenges get many a heart racing! Adults and young people alike can enjoy the excitement of the range of high activities and aerial challenges incl.  leap-of-faith, crate stack, high-all-aboard and the gladiator challenge all surrounded by spectacular views across Dundrum Bay

Crate Stacking  - As a team of two or three, build a tower 
of crates as high as you can. As usual, there’s a twist to
the tale – you’ll be constructing from a platform and will 
rise with it.


High all Aboard – As a team of two, three or four 
- climb the wobbly pole to stand on the ‘bird-table’ 
on top. It doesn’t stop there though. Once on top,
 hold hands and lean back to the full extent of your
 arms..., then let go!   >>>>>>

Leap of Faith – Either singly or as a team of two – climb to the
 top of the wobbly pole to stand on the (very small) platform on
 top. Once there, take a leap of faith to grab the trapeze bar 
before swinging and being lowered to the ground.

The Gladiator Challenge – Have you got the nerve to take on our 
challenging course of poles, nets and tyres and find out just how 
much stamina you've got? Our qualified instructors will be there
 to guide you every step of the way    >>>>>>>>>