A comprehensive programme of activities can be provided within our extensive centre grounds and surrounding forest and mountains without the need for transport. For offsite activities e.g. canoeing, transport is required. Either the centre can provide a minibus or alternatively you may provide your own
Low Ropes
The low ropes elements are structured activities that
are purposefully geared toward developing effective teamwork and trust-building. The group support each other to complete the course. Safety and spotting techniques are utilized by all participants.
  High Ropes
The high ropes elements are challenging activities that
are literally high-above-the-ground. They are geared more toward individual challenges. Trained facilitators and leaders will guide groups through the high ropes elements 

Raft building
Barrels, planks, ropes and water are a recipe for a
thorough soaking and great fun. Castlewellan Lake is a great place, to spend a few hours raft building.......Ideal for groups of adults and children alike. Once equipped with buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles, teams are given a short time to design their raft. A selection of materials are at hand and once constructed some faith is required to take on the other teams in the race
Initiative exercises
Like the 'Crystal Maze' we have something for everyone.
Each exercise can help highlight and develop particular team and personal skills including, communication, co-operation, leadership and time management. But, most importantly they are all great fun.
Involves travelling up a riverbed while participating
in small
games and challenges designed to challenge participants.   There are various levels of adventure, depending on age, ability or just how wet you want to get! 


Fulfill your dream of being Robin Hood as you

learn to hit the bulls-eye on our outdoor range

In this introduction to this popular sport, participants will learn the parts of a bow and arrow, archery techniques and practise firing arrows at targets

Explore the beauty and history of the
surrounding Mourne Mountains through a walk into areas such as The Devil’s Coach Road, The Brandy Pad, Slieve Donard (NI tallest peak), The Mourne Wall, Silent Valley, The Ben Crom Reservoir. Walks can be adjusted to suit the needs of individual groups.
Adventure walks
Enjoy exploring the Adventurous grounds around Greenhill.
  Participants will have have a true muddy adventure as they make their way through the bushes, hedges and streams but beware of the sombies that lurk in the muddy undergrowth.