Greenhill YMCA can accommodate up to 200 people in modern, comfortable and centrally heated buildings. There is a variety of accommodation to choose from to suit your needs and budget including Cedar Cabins, Chalets, Resource Centre. Additional people can be accomodated in our Yurts and on our campsite.

The new Resource Centre was completed in 2011. It provides en-suite accomodation for up to 72 people >>more

 The Chalet is a modern centrally heated dorm-style building complete with lounge and shower/toilet facilities. Completely refurbished in 2010. 50+ people can be accommodated on the two floors >>more


 The 5 Cedar Cabins are well furnished accommodate 12 people in each and have stunning views overlooking Dundrum Bay. Available for Self Catering or on a Full Board basis, >>more
Our Mongolian yurts offer a unique way of camping.  We also have a small campsite where you can provide your own tents. >>more