1. Mission Statement: 

“Working from a Christian ethos, Greenhill YMCA facilitates the holistic development of all its participants through the provision of high quality, learning experiences, which promote improved community and inter-personal relations and provide opportunity for the exploration of faith and value issues”

2. Vision Statement: 

Our Vision is of a society where children and young people can freely explore, learn and develop, are supported to reach their full potential and are active in shaping our world

3. Values: 

Young Person Centred – the vast majority of Greenhill’s activities, programmes and events are for the benefit of young people. Young people’s needs, issues and best interests are paramount and young people have an important voice and role to play in determining the activities and programmes at Greenhill

Integrity – honesty, integrity, openness and accountability are all important principles and priorities, which will underpin and characterise all aspects of work and life at Greenhill

Transformation – genuine learning and positive change is both desirable and possible, on many different levels, for all individuals, for communities and for society. Greenhill believes in the transformative potential of the supported learning opportunities it offers

Diversity – diversity and variety is encouraged and valued and the promotion/fostering of better understanding between individuals and communities who are different, and the modelling of how this can work in practice, is of fundamental importance to Greenhill YMCA. 

Beyond Comfort Zones – the most powerful, meaningful and sustainable learning experiences are often to be found when we venture outside our natural comfort zones and embrace new challenges and experiences. Greenhill YMCA will provide opportunity and encouragement for individuals and groups, within a safe and supportive atmosphere, to broaden their experiences and take on new challenges, in pursuit of new and deeper learning for participants

Valuing Staff and Volunteers – staff and volunteers are the life-blood of the organisation and are valued, supported and given as much opportunity as possible to develop their personal and professional capabilities. 

Christian Faith/Ethos – the principles of the Christian faith and the life of Jesus are the primary guide and focal point for the work of Greenhill YMCA. Opportunities for the exploration and expression of Christian faith will be readily available alongside a warm welcome and genuine openness to include the views, stories and experiences of those who come from other religions/faith perspectives, or none

The Natural World – The natural environment provides us with almost limitless opportunities for personal development, health promotion, ethical education and spiritual exploration. As beneficiaries and stewards of the magnificent natural environment around us, we have a responsibility to treat it with the utmost respect and teach/support others to do the same. 

Disadvantage & Poverty – in our relative affluence, and mindful of Christian social justice principles, Greenhill YMCA will seek ways to share it’s resources, skills and relative wealth with people and communities in most need; locally and internationally 


4.  Strategic Priorities

1. Young People - We will provide the best possible learning experiences and programmes for Young People: 

Greenhill YMCA will evaluate all programme work with young people and seek to improve the quality, effectiveness and relevance of it’s provision, by building on ‘what works’, refreshing what is/has become tired but remains relevant and developing new ‘bespoke’ programmes to meet emerging and identified needs. The primary focus will remain on ‘disadvantaged young people and their communities’, and on CR/Good Relations - this does not, however, preclude other types of programmes or beneficiaries. We will look for opportunities and resources to enhance our work with local young people and communities. The aspiration and intention is for quality over quantity; relevance and distinctiveness over mediocrity.

 2. Site and Facilities - We will develop the Greenhill Site and Facilities to their full potential: 

Greenhill YMCA will improve the ‘welcome facilities’ and overall visual impact of the centre for visitors. New and as yet unconsidered possibilities for the use of the Greenhill site will be developed for the realisation of the full potential of the site. The ‘Village Greenhill’ concept will be researched/explored. There will be further, increased and on-going development and investment in the site and facilities to ensure the maximization of its potential and the provision of the best possible learning opportunities for our customers and participants. Capacity of residential spaces and site facilities will be expanded to meet the growing demand and increase sustainability

3. Faith and Diversity - We will be clear and open about our Christian Faith & encourage Diversity:

Greenhill YMCA will be clear, both internally and publicly, about its Christian Faith principles/perspective and we will be similarly clear about the organisations openness to welcome and encourage/facilitate others (both individuals and groups) to come with and explore their own particular spiritual/faith beliefs and experiences within the Greenhill setting. A safe, facilitating, open, non-judgemental and nurturing environment will be provided for the exploration and sharing of faith alongside and within a context of increasing cultural, social, political and religious diversity

4. Volunteers - We will encourage and facilitate the involvement of more volunteers across the full range of Greenhill’s activities, particularly local volunteers: 

Greenhill YMCA will increase the range of opportunities for volunteers, particularly local people, to become and remain involved in the activities and life of Greenhill YMCA, at every level. More volunteers will be recruited, the volunteer support infrastructure will be strengthened and volunteers will be offered as broad a range of involvement options as possible, including at management and governance level.

5. Quality - We will ensure all Greenhill YMCA’s internal systems and practices are in keeping with best practice within the sector:

Greenhill YMCA will audit/evaluate all internal systems and practices e.g. communication, supervision, reporting/accountability, financial, etc, and seek to improve overall effectiveness by making any necessary/recommended changes and investing in training and development for key personnel. A particular emphasis will be placed on ensuring all H&S policies and procedures are fully up-to-date and being effectively implemented. 
General Administration and Communication systems and all of the procedures and capabilities necessary to effectively fundraise and ensure financial viability and sustainability into the future will be examined and improved/developed as necessary. Support and training will be made available to staff to ensure everyone has the necessary skills and confidence to fulfil their role and responsibilities